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proFPGA DMBI │ 系統設置和 FPGA 配置


The proFPGA DMBI (Device Message Box Interface) is the gate to the proFPGA prototyping system. It is responsible for the System setup, FPGA configuration and for the User communication. The proFPGA DMBI supports various high-speed communication standards, like PCI, Ethernet and USB2.0. With its simple script based system configuration and launch technique, it allows quick and reproducible test runs. For a comfortable application the proFPGA System can be configured without a host PC by inserting a prepared USB stick into the USB connector.

The flexible DMBI Communication System offers a high bandwidth and low latency integration of both, user software applications and user HDL designs. DMBI is shipped with a large toolbox for debugging and data exchange with user designs. It supports full integration into HDL simulators, making debugging of whole applications easy.

The communication between Host and Slave is based on a point to point communication. In order to have a good overview of the modules, the proFPGA DMBI (MMI 64) is structured in a tree architecture with Host as a root. In addition it supports an automatic identification of modules. The following modules are delivered as HDL modules:

  • Register Interface -> responsible for reading and writing registers

  • AXI Master Interface

  • AHB Master Interface

  • Upstream Interface -> responsible for streaming data to the host

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