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Mango Communications provides products and services to build flexible, high-performance wireless systems on programmable logic platforms. Our core product is the 802.11 MAC/PHY Design, and our team is ready to work with customers on a wide range of custom wireless designs.


Design Idea


The Mango Communications 802.11 MAC/PHY Design is a real-time 802.11 stack for Xilinx FPGAs.
Design Idea

Design Services

The Mango Communications applies its extensive experience with cutting-edge wireless research and building high-performance wireless systems to help customers with a wide variety of design projects. Read more about our design services.
Design Idea

Legacy Hardware

The WARP v3 hardware platform was retired in early 2019. Product pages for the WARP v3 hardware platform are archived below. The Mango Communications team continues to support WARP hardware users via the WARP Project site.


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