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proFPGA Builder │ 輕鬆建模並建立系統架構

Product Summary

The proFPGA Builder software provides a powerful environment to create and run user FPGA designs. It is capable of automatically detecting the physical board assembly and generating the complete code framework for multi-FPGA HDL designs, including all scripts for simulation, synthesis, and running the design.

It also can generate automatically the required board description files and board architecture information for partitioning tools. It offers easy-to-use visual help during pin resource planning. With the secure system launch mode, the proFPGA Builder automatically confirms compatibility between actual and intended physical board assembly. The natural 3D visualization helps locating physical ori- gins of system information and checking results

Technical highlights

  • 3D visualization of system architecture
  • Easy modeling and configuration of system architecture
  • Visual pin resource and board connection planning
  • Automatically detecting of physical board assembly
  • Generating complete code framework HDL designs
proFPGA Builder Software
Supported platforms Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS 5/6
Windows 7, 64bit
Typical system requirements Windows 7 32/64 bit or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS 5/6
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